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Learning new skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Learning new skills - Essay Example Developing good communication skills goes hand in hand with actively developing good listening skills. I have a self drive to improve some skills in my interpersonal relations. Such skills include but not limited to listening skills. Listening skills play a fundamental role towards establishing a mutual understanding in a conversation (Koprowska, 2005). By improving my listening skills, I will be able to respond to various situations intellectually; for example in responding to criticism and also accepting corrections. Developing good listening skills help me understand what is expected of me especially in the workplace and also to understand the hidden meanings of what others have to say. Other skills which are paramount in developing good interpersonal relationships which I plan to improve include coherence during speaking, being audible and maintaining good eye contact while addressing others. In everyday life we meet people of different race, culture, religion and beliefs; it is therefore very important to develop good communication skills to allow us to associate freely and share diverse ideas with them. By developing these skills; I will be able to interact freely with my co-workers, my boss and other staff members in the work place .In conclusion, communication skills play a very vital role by immensely contributing towards the success of our daily endeavours. Communication is an essential skill that people have to learn. Good communication skills help in upholding one’s dignity; a precursor of confidence and success (Koprowska,

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Mineral Physical Properties Essay Example for Free

Mineral Physical Properties Essay A mineral refers to an inorganic element or compound that is naturally occurring in a solid state and has a specific chemical composition and a regular, internal crystalline structure. A mineral has a highly ordered structure and particular physical properties. Some of the varying physical characteristics of mineral include color, lustre and habit. Color is the first physical property of minerals that varies between same mineral. Color is an apparent aspect in minerals but it proves unreliable in identifying minerals. It occurs due to the minerals light absorbing and reflecting properties. The variability of color between the samples of the same mineral exists because color mainly comes about as a result of electronic alterations. For instance, quartz is found in different colors such as black, white, purple, pink, blue or clear. It is observable that completely varying materials may have the similar color. Secondly, lustre is a mineral physical property that varies among the same mineral. This refers to the amount of light that it reflects from its surface. A mineral may appear differently depending on the quality, intensity or quantity of light that it reflects. The mineral for instance may appear metallic or sub metallic or may appear splendent, shining or dull. Finally, the habit is another varying physical property. It refers to the crystal’s shape of the mineral. The habit is usually shaped by the conditions under which the metal grew. It is common for a mineral to have many varying habits. The habit of a mineral may be described as the habit of crystals or the habit of crystal aggregates (Ernest, 1995). Conclusion Mineral physical property can be relied on during identification of mineral. However, certain physical properties show a range of characteristics making them less reliable in the identification process. Reference Ernest, Nickel. (1995). Mineral Resources: The Definition and Properties of a Mineral. New York: Hill and Wang.

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I Beat the Odds :: Personal Narrative Writing

I Beat the Odds Often times I ask myself if the education that I have received was ever worthwhile. I have always received a public-school education. As a matter of fact, I went to a junior high school and high school which was close to the university I am currently attending: the University of Southern California (USC). Growing up, the University of Southern California seemed like an impossible dream. The education I received was insufficient to prepare me for the standardized tests given to high school students across the nation. Preparation for higher education is deficient; mandatory information about college is not given to students. However, receiving an inferior education from a public school strengthened my character and enhanced my perseverance to do great things. My passion and determination brought me to the realization that I can accomplish anything. I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where education was upheld a great value. I understood that the only key to success was to go through the narrow gate that people rarely are willing to enter because they do not take advantage of its offer. Attending the University of Southern California gave me the opportunity to mentor under privileged students about education through an on-campus program called the Joint Educational Program (JEP). I believe education is interlinked with educating others, not solely on subjects such as science, math, or English, but by passing on the information of the prominence of education. I feel compelled to pass down the torch to the unfortunate who do not comprehend the ability that one will gain after receiving education. The atmosphere of my university is not at all the way I expected it to be while I was in high school. At USC, the education is fantastic! I have never learned so many things in such a short period of time. I probably learned more things in one semester than most of my years in high school. I am in the pre-medical field. The classes that the university is making me take are overwhelming. I had doubts of my capability to continue with the field, but when I compare myself with my classmates I feel that I study more than they do, and am retaining a lot more information than they are, because they have already learned

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Mass media Essay

From my point of view, I agree that the mass media, including TV, radio and newspaper have a great influence in shaping people ideas . Nowdays mass media is a form of progress of information and communication technology. Through the mass media that the more developed allows information spread easily in the community. Information in any form can be disseminated quickly and easily so that it affects the viewpoints, lifestyles, and culture of a nation. The rapid flow of information causes us not to be able to filter the messages. As a result subconsciously it little by little have been affecting pattern of behavior and culture in society. Long-standing culture and become a benchmark in society behave are now almost gone and escapes the attention of the community. As a result, the longer the social changes in the community began to surface a raised. The influence of the mass media on contemporary theory of the influence of media on society has been fostering the rapid reforms in society. The influence of the media with regard to other aspects such as the nature of the communicators, the content, information from the media itself, as well as the response from the community. Rapid development of information and communication technologies such as mass media, led to rapid changes everywhere. The Mass Media have gradually brought the community into a new cultural patterns and begin to determine the mindset and culture of community behavior. The Media tells people how decent standards of living for a human, thus indirectly causing the Community judge whether their neighborhoods have been worth or whether he has met the standard and this heavily influenced picture of what is seen, heard and read from the media. Message or information conveyed by the media could be a support community for the better, making the public feel happy to be themselves, feel quite deflating or otherwise trust him or feeling low than others. Existence of other behaviour pattern changes of lifestyle. Usually someone will imitate everything related to his idols are good in terms of dress, look, or how to speak her piece that reflects themselves his idols. The above are likely to be more influential on a generation. A socio-psychological, information flows that continue to hit our lives will give rise to various influences on the development of the soul, especially for children and teens. Their behavior patterns, little by little is affected by what they receive may be deviated from the stage of development of the soul as well as the norms in force. The positive effects of mass media on society is the society would gain something more news worthy. For example, news bombing of WTC and the war in Iraq, despite being in a different country but with proper information and information through the mass media. This will cause people to be more sensitive to the issues at. In addition, through the use of internet and telephone bimbit allow community out of its cocoon. For the conclusion, am agree that the mass media, including TV, radio and newspaper have a great influence in shaping people ideas.

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Macroecnomics - 1187 Words

1. Overview of the Modern Macroeconomy 1.1 Essential Structure (1) Scarcity in Resources ïÆ'› Choice = Decision Making = Tradeoff Market/Price Mechanism ïÆ'› Exchange = Swap = Transaction = Trading Factor Demanders (Employers) Micro Partial Equilibrium ï‚ · Macro General Equilibrium Factor Markets Labor etc. Wage etc. Factor Suppliers (Employees) Production Cost Firms (Labor) Income Intervention by Policy and Regulation Government Transfer Income Tax Subsidy Sales Tax Households Intertemporal Financial System [Markets + Institutions] Funds Demanders (Investors/Borrowers) ï‚ · Funds Suppliers (Savers/Lenders) Real Sector Flows Money Sector Flows Sales Revenue Goods Suppliers (Producers) q = f (L, K, M, T, E)†¦show more content†¦1~2, 27 Macroeconomics [1] by C-J Huang 4 1. Overview of the Modern Macroeconomy 1.2 Key Indicators (7) †¢ Utility Function U = Stock = Level 1. Uï‚ ¢ MU = Change in Stocks = Flow ï‚ º 2. Uï‚ ¢ Change in Flows = Double ï â€ž ï‚ ¢ = S †¢ Stock Price: $100 ïÆ'ž $120 ïÆ'ž $132 1. The stock price finally rises to/at $___. 2. The stock price finally rises by $___. 3. The stock return changes by ___%. 4. The inflation rate is falling†¦ Macroeconomics U1: Blanchard Chs. 1~2, 27 1. Overview of the Modern Macroeconomy 1.3 World Tour (1) US 2006: Population = 301M [TBMK]; Per Capita GDP = US$43,800 1/5 World GDP Created and Enjoyed by 1/20 World Population T1-1 Output Growth Unemployment Inflation 1970– 2006 3.1 6.2 4.0 1996– 2006 3.4 5.0 2.0 2006 3.3 4.6 2.9 2007 2.1 4.6 2.6 2008 2.5 4.8 2.2 Note: Inflation Based on the GDP Deflator; Data by OECD [75% World GDP]. Productivity Growth by Output per Hour Worked New Economy by IT ï‚ · Global Warming Macroeconomics U1: Blanchard Chs. 1~2, 27 Macroeconomics [1] by C-J Huang 5 1. Overview of the Modern Macroeconomy 1.3 World Tour (2) EU 2006: Population = 496M;Show MoreRelatedPhilippine Development Administration1782 Words   |  8 Pageshuman resources through improved social services and protection.) as well as the policy directions that would ensure the country will not fall into the path of a trickle-down jobless growth which we have seen in the past years. Chapter 2, The Macroecnomic Policy, outlines the initiatives that will ensure the stability and growth of a macroeconomic environment. Chapter 3, Competitive Industry and Services Sectors, outlines the imperatives for a globally competitive and innovative industry and servicesRead MoreThe Theory Proposed By Modigliani And Miller3648 Words   |  15 Pagescompetitive equilibrium model of capital structure and industry dynamics, says that companies make their decision on capital structure on the basis of peculiar technology shocks. Cook and Tang (2010) put forward the fact as a basis of arguement that good macroecnomic helps the companies to adjust their capital structure to acheive their target much quicker than in the bad conditions. Levy, (2003) says that according to their studies the companies which are unconstrained tme their issue choice coincide with

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Cognitive Psychology And Human Cognition - 1499 Words

Cognitive neuroscience categorised as one of the many approaches to human cognition, focuses on the study of both the brain and behaviour in collaboration. Evidence from such approaches can be used to understand in depth, the mental processes forming cognition. Consequently, this contributes to our understanding of the mind. Despite vast development in this field, various challenges are posed as no single method can answer every question raised due to its limitations and therefore must be combined in order to produce a more reliable understanding. Cognitive psychology was the first to make progress in the understanding of these areas and accordingly it can be noticed that the tasks used by cognitive neuroscientists for brain-imaging†¦show more content†¦Brain-imaging techniques used by cognitive neuroscientist’s aid research into such field by analysing the different parts of the brain that become active when a certain task is performed. The main technique that can be discussed in the role of trying to understand the mind is Functional magnetic resonance imaging. This technique uses an MRI machine to measure brain activity by looking at changes in one’s blood flow. Stern et al, 1996 carried out research into the parts of the brain crucial for encoding and storage of information in the long-term memory store. Using fMRI, participants were monitored while performing a novel picture encoding task. Evidence was provided to show that the encoding of these pictures depends on how the ventral cortical regions and the hippocampal region interact. This highlights a link between the two which therefore creates a valid contribution to our understanding of the mind as it identifies the parts of the brain crucial for engaging in essential mental processes. On the other hand, although this link can be identified, the method used by cognitive neuroscientists cannot explain exactly how the hippocampal formation is crucial in the encoding of information i n long-term memory meaning that it cannot be explained as to why it is needed and what exactly would happen to the encoding process if damage to this formation was to occur. In terms of the technique itself, low temporal resolution and high expense can be noted as another

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Personal Narrative My Daughters Birth - 966 Words

A new year had just arrived. I can still picture January in my mind, the mood was sullen and dark, I could feel the cold reaching my bones, but now I know that was the best feeling I‘d ever had. I had only a few weeks left to start college, which had been my dream since I can remember. My dad had already paid for my tuition, I was so exited I had promised to do my best. Then, I realized there was an obstacle in my way. I knew I needed to make a decision on whether or not keeping my pregnancy, it sounds rough, but it was definitive. I did not want to miss school, so I was definitely not taking this to the last term. I just could not think of myself being prostrated in bed for so long, as an impediment to start school. Never, nothing would†¦show more content†¦I did not feel any pain at all, nor could I move my body anymore. It felt more like I was numb from neck to feet; I guess I had epidural all over my body. Due to this numbness, whenever I had tried to push I did no t know if I was actually doing it. Somehow, after thirty more minutes of labor, I pushed as hard as I could and they finally were able to see the baby’s head. All of a sudden, this little baby girl was out in this new world, I figured the doctor had done some maneuvers to unwrap the umbilical cord, because I had just become a new mother. It was incredible! I was not sure exactly how a woman is supposed to feel after becoming a mother, but I was so overprotective, emotional and scared. I was so sensitive and started crying. I wanted everyone to go away and leave me alone, because I was afraid my life would change radically after this, and I was not prepared yet for them to see this change. After a few minutes, I realized I was so weak I could feel the cold reaching my bones, but that was also the best feeling I’d ever had. I was thinking I had only a few weeks left to start college, which had been my dream since I can remember. My dad had already paid for my tuition, I was so exited I had promised to do my best, but I’d just had my daughter, and I was so nervous about being a young mother in college. I tried to open my eyes to admire my baby’s beautiful face and thought I was so brave, because I hadShow MoreRelated`` Sweetness `` By Toni Morrison1826 Words   |  8 PagesAmerican novelist Toni Mo rrison is renowned for her publications illustrating how racial stigma can dent a character physically, mentally and emotionally. â€Å"Sweetness†, an excerpt from God Help the Child, one of Morrison’s more recent works, follows the narrative of a guilt-stricken mother who allowed society’s predetermined notions of race interfere with her parenting, as her daughter was undeniably black while she and her husband have negro roots but are lighter skinned or ‘high-yellow’. As the story developsRead More Autism in the Media Essay2151 Words   |  9 Pagestherapy that his mother organized after he was diagnosed with autism. During my thrice-weekly Connor-directed playtime visits, I entered his world instead of making him enter mine and encouraged eye contact to strengthen Connors connection with others.    I begin this critique of autism depiction in mass media relating my relationship with Connor because he informs my understanding of autism and colors my critique of media representations. For people who do not know autistic individualsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Song That I Selected2664 Words   |  11 PagesEven though Marshall was a high school dropout, he did however have a love for English, he has said I found that no matter how bad I was at school, like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at sometimes, I always was good at English ... I just felt like I wanna be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull em out. You know, somewhere, they ll be stored, like, locked away. He soon found his talent for rap and started to enterRead More A Comparison of Women in Beowulf, Widsith and Icelandic Sagas4023 Words   |  17 PagesBeowulf, Widsith, The Saga of The Volsungs, and the Saga of King Hrolf Kraki are not alw ays stereotyped ones of passive homemaker and childbearer and peaceweaver, but sometimes ones giving freedom of choice, range of activity, and opportunity for personal growth and development.    Let us first of all consider the roles of women in the classic epic poem Beowulf. In Beowulf the hero makes reference to Ingeld and his wife and the coming Heathobard feud:      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Read MoreThe Lovely Bones Study Guide3680 Words   |  15 Pagesand the cancellation of her plans to go study in France, begins having an affair with Fenerman, a widower. Amidst all this, Abigails mother, Grandma Lynn, comes to stay with the Salmons for a while, providing much-needed support. She senses her daughters affair and tells her to stop it. Jack and Lindsey between them hatch a plan in which Lindsey will sneak into Mr. Harveys house during soccer practice and possibly find any evidence within that would link Mr. Harvey to the murder. She finds a drawingRead MoreRace Film : The Great And Only Essay10250 Words   |  41 Pagescategorize a well-known group of films about Black people that in most cases included the participation of White filmmakers. How do we define the term â€Å"race film†? Moreover, can these films be considered a â€Å"genre† or are they imitations of similar narratives produced by White filmmakers such as comedies, dramas, and musicals? Furthermore, were race films merely exploiting issues pertaining to skin color and class status? In this chapter I examine why the term â€Å"race film† is obscure while exploringRead MoreSymbolic Similarities in The Shunammite and The Metamorphosis2786 Words   |  12 PagesResearch Paper The definition of metamorphosis as told by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is as follows â€Å"a marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal (as a butterfly or a frog) occurring subsequent to birth or hatching.† (1) Whereas the Shunammite is just a woman hailing from Shumen, although the name is more so known for the biblical story of the Shunammite in the Book of Kings. That story was about a Shunammite whom was made to lay with the old andRead MoreR.K.Narayan and Swami and Friends7399 Words   |  30 PagesREVIEW though the flavor of the SEASON is buzzing with Harry Potter Mania, still I am glued up reading R.K. Narayan’s First Novel â€Å"Swami and friends† (which was published in 1935) so enthusiastically Even my parents were not born at that time, but theINNOCENCE that I find in this book makes is itrefreshingly different from what we have nowadays. Yes, as I kid I too loved to read about magic, mystery, adventures, and detective stuff. There are plenty of books which can take u totallyRead MoreReflection on Observation Essay4612 Words   |  19 Pagescannot help but feel that you are somehow changing or influencing the class and the students that make it up. My observations took place in two settings, the first and my primary observation source, was at Children’s Garden Montessori School in El Cerrito, my daughter’s school, it is a private pre-school with children ages two to five. My second observation was the Fit Kids program at my local Berkeley YMCA, this program was created for children over the age of eight and combines educational videoRead More The Feminist Perspective of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essay5032 Words   |  21 Pagesfeminist fashioning. This is not to deny Daughtey and Vints reading of the Slayer completely; a defining feature of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the liminal position it occupies, at once advocating and refuting positivist feminist readings. However, it is my contention that women in the series are all portrayed in stereotypical ways which have been generated by patriarchy throughout the ages, and all of which serve to empty femininity, leaving the women as functional (fantasy) symbols only: the bluestocking